Marana, Arizona





   AC8BG    "Sandy" - Prescott, Michigan

Equipment - Icom IC-706 MKIIG HF Transceiver, Kenwood TS-820 HF Transceiver, Heathkit SB-1000 1KW Linear Amp, Heathkit SA-2040 2KW Antenna Tuner, MFJ 986 3KW Antenna Tuner, Kenwood 2 mtr FM Transceiver, MFJ Speech Intelligibility Enhancer, Kenwood MC-60 Microphone, Astatic D-104 Microphone, 2 ElectroVoice Model 638 Microphones

Antennas - 20 meter thru 10 meter 5 element beam on 40 foot tower, homebrew multi-band doublet (340' long, 40' high) fed w/ balanced line, Decibel Products 2 meter vertical at 30 feet

Working on the beam...

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