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"Live video from Tucson"

This page originally existed so that my family at the other end of the country could view live pictures of their old dad here in Tucson (the reason for the name "Dad-Cam".)  However, that has kind of become old stuff for them, so now I've "gone public" and display not only live video of me and my surroundings; but, also, links to items of interest here in Arizona.

This top picture is the (sometimes) LIVE Web Cam at my home. When the cam is on, you might see me in the amateur radio/computer/stock trading room, loafing in the living-room or out on the patio, making lunch in the kitchen, feeding Katie the cat; or, outdoors, cleaning my Infinity G35 coupe.


There may be a 20 to 30 second delay after you click on the "GO" button.  It should open your Media Player and then play.

View of Catalina Mountains from U of A Campus

This is a live view looking north across the U of A Campus to the Catalina Mountains.

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