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This website is a work in progress and I would welcome your suggestions.

The "Audio Clips" section of this site contains contains some audio tests by me and some on-the-air recordings from QSO's with me. If you would like to hear what your station actually sounds like at "the end of the line" or if you would like to hear the effect of some changes (different microphones, antennas, audio settings, etc); I'll record it, post it on this site, and you can hear it for yourself.  If you would like to set up a schedule with me, send me an email.  I'm on all HF bands except 160.

Have you ever heard, on 75 or 160 meters, a bunch of static crashes from lightning and wondered where the storm was? Click on the "Thunderstorm Map" button below and you can see a real-time display of all the thunderstorms in the Country.

To see pictures and specifics of all the Arizona AM operators and their stations, click here for the www.arizona-am.net website.
By the way, the California AMers have a website with lots of good info and links pertaining to AM.  To look at that fine website, click here for the www.california-am.com website.

I'm sometimes on EchoLink weekdays from around 2230 UTC to around 0500 UTC.  If you see me one, give me a call.  To connect via radio, my Node # is 71868.  To learn all about EchoLink, click on the "EchoLink Info" button near the bottom of this page.

- Jim, W8OFC

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